We are here to add to your wealth.

By investing in poolinvest, you guarantee the increase of your capital

multi currency

You can invest in poolinvest with different currencies and make sure that the inflation of your country will not affect it

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Guaranteed profit

Your interest is deposited continuously and accurately every month and you can withdraw it whenever you want

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24 hour support! We are always here to answer your questions and problems

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This is the safest place for your investment! We specialize in capital growth while your money is insured by the best insurance organizations around the world

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What exactly do we do with your money?

We are trying to safely grow your money to guarantee profit, here are the ways we try

Selling products

We are active in the free market of many countries and sell physical products using our funds

Currency mining

We keep our hardware up-to-date and upgrade with our funds and use them to extract different currencies.

Cloud Service

We deploy large hardware/software resources around the world and serve people and expand it with our own funds to make sure it is more profitable.


We invest in diverse and profitable companies, we also provide special loans from different governments to make sure that we invest in the lowest possible risk.

We specialize in this Work

With our long experience in this field, we can be your best choice for investment


Fixed customer


Active capital


Years of experience


Currency mining farm

Poolinvest crypto wallet 

We have developed a very advanced and secure Volt for our customers and have fully integrated it with our other systems to ensure you have a better user experience.

Check out
our amazing plans

We have many different investment plans to be your best choice

6 month plan

6% month

  • The 6-month investment plan is the shortest investment plan of Poolinvest Company. You can cancel your plan at any time and receive the full amount after deducting the paid interest.
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Most Popular
12 month plan

8% monthly

  • Poolinvest Company's 12-month plan is our proposed plan for new investors. This plan has become the best investment plan in the company with 8% monthly profit and the ability to cancel the contract for up to 3 months..
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24 month plan

10% monthly

  • Poolinvest's 24-month plan is the best plan for long-term investors. This plan is the best for safe and secure investment with a total profit of 240%. You can cancel your contract during the first 6 months.
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We are here to clear your doubts

Asking us this question is deeply unfair, we have been accepting this investment process for years and no one has ever had such a problem, if someone does not trust you, you can come in person and sign a strict contract!

This is not a process that you will notice at all, if we lose (which is very unlikely), the insurance company will guarantee it all for us, so you will not notice this at all and the process will proceed as normal.

We welcome you to come here anytime! Visit the following address anytime:

Poolinvest Company - 15 35 St - Hor Al Anz - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Not sure which plan suits you?

Our team is always here to help. Send us a message/call and we'll get back to you shortly.